Celine snubbed by Taylor Swift A misstep

Céline snubbed by Taylor Swift: “A misstep”

The jury deliberates. Did Taylor Swift make a mistake of gigantic proportions by not greeting or even looking at Celine Dion when she won the Grammy for Album of the Year on Sunday night?

On the one hand, the alleged snobbery of music's biggest star at the moment towards our diva, named by the Grammys as “one of the greatest voices of all time”, is unrestrainedly condemned and described as an unacceptable lack of class.

On the other hand, we credit Swift's attitude of excitement for breaking the record for most Grammys for Album of the Year.

Without apology, neither Line Basbous, president of Céline's fan club The Red Heads, nor presenter Mike Gauthier, long-time observer of the Quebec artist's career, criticized Taylor Swift.

Ms. Basbous even saw the situation from a different perspective.

“What a pride to see once again the general reaction of the people who immediately positioned themselves as guardrails to express their love for Céline,” notes the one for whom “this little unfortunate misstep will not spoil the party.”

“It's a misstep on Taylor's part,” adds Mike Gauthier, “but let's not forget that she won album of the year four times.” It had never been seen before. We need to put things in perspective.”

Immediately after this awkward moment, the two icons were photographed together backstage, certainly to nip the controversy in the bud.

“It's good for her to be seen next to Taylor Swift because there are many in her generation who don't know Céline,” concludes Mike Gauthier.