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CFER de Beauce: Are your salads born?

HOLY MARY. Thanks to an investment of around $12,000 made last October, the outdoor greenhouse at the Business and Recovery Training Center (CFER de Beauce) in Sainte-Marie is now hydroponic (culture in water instead of in soil). Since the first salads have been ready since December, it goes without saying that the change has already brought many advantages.

The system used was developed by the Vertikaroma company from Pont-Rouge. In short, it involves growing lettuce in rockwool, bathing the roots in water enriched with liquid fertilizer.

According to Alexandre Savoie, teacher at CFER, the method in question is more effective than growing in the ground, easier for students and cleaner, as well as allowing better control of insect pests. “We could quickly lose control,” he recalls, adding that the absence of soil and living creatures helps limit losses.

There is currently only one table in production in the 1,500 square meter greenhouse. Next year, when the three tables are finished, Mr Savoie expects to achieve a production of around 90 salads per week (between the months of October and April).

For her part, Coralie Meunier, a student at CFER, experienced the greenhouse change. While removing all the pots and dead tomato plants was a lot of work, she now appreciates the difference. “It really is better,” she concluded.

For her, nicer salads, no “little bugs” and the fact that she can keep her hands clean mean that she can enjoy the peace and quiet in the greenhouse even more.

  • CFER de Beauce Are your salads bornCFER de Beauce Are your salads born

    The CFER de Beauce's outdoor greenhouse is now hydroponic. Photo Beauce Média – Hubert Lapointe

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