Chalino Sanchezs narcocorrido which narrates the death of Featherweights supposed

Chalino Sánchez’s narcocorrido, which narrates the death of Featherweight’s supposed grandfather

A corrido by Chalino Sánchez would narrate the death of Featherweight’s supposed grandfather (Screenshots Twitter)

There was much speculation about the unstoppable success featherweight has taken place both in Mexico and in various countries of Latin America and the United States. His foray into the so-called lying corridors has put him in the spotlight of public opinion, so that he has been praised worldwide, but also criticized.

And that’s it, Emilio Hassan Kabande Laija -interpreter’s real name- has been accused of “apologizing for drug trafficking” in his compositions, which has opened the door to countless theories that even ensure he has ties to members of organized crime in the country.

Although the statements were only rumors and were not confirmedRecently, record producer Pepe Garza released little-known details about the Featherweight pedigree that hint at his lineage.

In the broadcast of the magazine Chisme No Like, the regional composer, also from Mexico, said that the PRC performer is the grandson of Pedro Eleodoro Cázares Laija, aka El Culichi, a gunman of Pedro Avilés Pérez, a well-known drug dealer of the 70s USA, also known as Don Pedro or El León de la Sierra.

Chalino Sánchez was one of the first interpreters of Narcocorridos (Photo: Twitter @ElGallodeOro)

Long before the lying corridors in Mexico topped the popularity charts with representatives like Featherweight, Natanael Cano or Junior H within the Mexican region Chalino Sanchez He was notable for being one of the first interpreters of narcocorridos, compositions that tell in a very particular way the exploits or characteristics of figures involved in drug trafficking in Mexico.

Curiously, Rosalino Sánchez Félix – Chalino Sánchez’ real name – has in his wide repertoire a song dedicated to El Culichi, which tells about the death of Featherweight’s supposed grandfather over 3 minutes and 19 seconds.

“At the end of 1984, on December 27, Eleodoro Elenes died in Culiacán Sinaloa,” says the first verse of the narcocorrido. The controversial subject, interpreted by Chalino Sánchez, suggests that the archer from El León de la Sierra was buried in a pantheon of Santiago los Caballeros in Sinaloa.

They nicknamed him: the Culichihe was famous and mentionedHis passions were women, jewelery and horses. “He was also a brave man, one of those who are not left behind,” the controversial song continues, accompanied by guitar and accordion chords.

Chalino Sánchez’s drug lord also describes people like “El Culichi” (Photo: Twitter@RedPinacate)

The taste for women, jewelery and horses describes the narcocorrido that Chalino Sánchez interprets through Eleodoro Cázarez Laija. Even in the controversial subject, it is extensively noted that the name of El Culichi’s horse was “El Chubasco”, in addition to the fact that he liked to drink with his friends and Regional Mexican Musicincluding corridors.

“Drinking with his friends, with a band that plays the most beautiful corridos,” appears the so-called king of the corridos.

In the composition dedicated to El Culichi, it is detailed that the reasons why the shooter were killed by a “cowardly murderer turned friend” are unknown, suggesting this his death could have been a betrayalHowever, it is also pointed out that the perpetrator died on the same day.

Finally, Chalino Sánchez’ narcocorrido shoots Pedro Avilés’ gunman dead with a stanza that says:

“Farewell, friend Culichi, we will no longer see you sitting on your trusty horse that awaits you there. Goodbye dear Chubasco, your master will not return.

The narcocorrido is part of the album Hermosísimo Lucero by Chalino Sánchez (Photo: Twitter @gEEEEEERa)

The controversial song, titled Eleodoro Elenes, is part of Chalino Sánchez’s studio album Hermosísimo Lucero, produced by Aquarius BandsLabel of Juan Rivera, father Jenny Rivera -la Diva de la Banda- and Lupillo Rivera -el Toro del Corrido-.

Although various YouTube channels have posted videos of the song, the song has more than 113,000 views on El Rey del Corrido.