Chaos at the Mexico US border after the lifting of

Chaos at the Mexico US border after the lifting of Covid rules: hundreds of migrants along the…

There is chaos on the border in between United States And Mexico. Title 42, introduced by the measure donald trump Immediately expel asylum seekers due to the Covid emergency. As a result, hundreds of migrants waited along the border to surrender to US border guards after crossing the Rio Grande into El Paso, Texas. Therefore, to regulate migrations at the US border, Title 8 returns, allowing asylum seekers to await the outcome of their application directly in the US.

Already a year ago Joe Biden He had attempted to overturn the rule introduced in 2020 earlier in the pandemic, but the Supreme Court had reinstated it, accepting appeals from some Republican states. “The border is not open. People who do not use available legal avenues to enter the United States now face more severe consequences, including a minimum five-year re-entry ban and possible criminal prosecution,” the Secretary of Homeland Security said. Alexander mayorkas.

In order to mitigate the effects, the Biden administration has launched a new package of measures in recent months to send a signal of “humanity” and at the same time of “determination”. Among them is a plan that would allow up to 30,000 migrants each month from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Haiti to enter the US legally for a period of two years and with work permits. Anyone who exceeds the quota will be sent back to Mexico. In addition, those who believe they have the right to enter the United States must make an appointment at special centers set up in Latin America instead of going straight to the border. At the same time, action is taken against illegal entrants.

However, all this was not enough Deter tens of thousands of migrants, who are hungry and thirsty under the scorching sun and have been crowding the border with Mexico for days, putting El Paso, Texas under a state of emergency. “There’s going to be chaos for a while,” admitted Biden, who sent an additional 1,500 troops to the border with logistical support duties, in addition to the 2,500 National Guardsmen already present and the hundreds deployed by Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

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