Characteristics of the nails can indicate cancer DOL

Characteristics of the nails can indicate cancer DOL

Manicured nails are part of the beauty routine for both men and women. However, prioritizing aesthetics and ignoring some signs in this area can have serious health consequences.

Nails also serve as an indicator of the overall health of the human body, according to information from IFLScience, as certain characteristics can be indicators of poor health. Your attention is therefore fundamental to the early search for a diagnosis.

Although nails are prone to breakage and other complications due to hand exposure, changes in their properties should not be normalized.

“Nail color changes require attention, especially if the nails turn yellow or red, or if colored streaks or dots appear on the structures,” dermatologist Dawn Davis told the Mayo Clinic.

“Changes in color can be the result of nail fungus or, in some cases, a sign of skin cancer. Conditions like liver failure and kidney problems can also change the color of nails, causing them to turn white or yellow at the tips or near the cuticles.

The change in texture and curvature can indicate low blood oxygen levels, usually caused by lung disease, heart disease, or liver problems.

However, it is important to understand that not all body signals should be ignored. Finally, in some cases, nail changes can be the result of the progression of certain diseases. If you notice any changes, consult a doctor for proper evaluation and appropriate treatment.