Charlene of Monaco the crazy gesture with the scissors Stopped

Charlene of Monaco, the crazy gesture with the scissors: “Stopped by the waitresses”

Charlene of Monaco Lately he has only spoken about himself, posting the photos of twins Jacques and Gabriella on his Instagram profile. It hasn’t been shown publicly since mid-October and it’s said we’ll have to wait until November 19, Monte Carlo’s National Day, to see it again.

Charlene of Monaco, the terrible scene

Despite her isolation, Monaco’s Charlene appears to be on the mend. The serious infection that hit her nose, throat and ears in 2021, if not completely defeated, is about to disappear. The princess has responded well to therapy and rehabilitation treatments, so much so that she is allowed to be alone with her children. Indeed, several magazines from Neue Frau to Ici have revealed how Charlene was forbidden to be alone with her children, just back from her long isolation in South Africa.

It is now a year since Alberto’s wife was able to return home after months of being ill in Johannesburg, separated from her husband and twins. Once she returned to Monte Carlo, she was sent to a specialized Swiss clinic to begin rehabilitation. She was so exhausted physically and mentally that she could not continue without the help of doctors. Since last May she has been living as a daughter again and the more time passes, the better she is until she can lead Jacques and Gabriella on her own. And the photo of the little ones in Halloween masks is proof of this.

There would be some specific episodes that would have caused Alberto not to entrust the children to Charlene’s sole care over the past few months. The princess suffered Crises that led them to uncontrolled reactions. When she was forced into an emergency hospital stay in South Africa, there was talk of a collapse, but in reality she appears to have had a more severe crisis than the others, during which she would have thrown objects at people in the room and injured her assistant. Her bodyguards had to step in to calm her down. “The scene was horrific,” a witness told ICI magazine.

Charlene of Monaco, wounded with scissors

Another episode that made the prince tremble for Charlene’s health dates back some time and was reported by Ici. The princess “forced to use scissors to cut her hair and even injured her face.” It was the maids who saved her who “intervened to stop it”.

However, the therapies Charlene is following have proven effective, she is no longer a victim of these sudden attacks, she is much calmer and more peaceful, and this has allowed her to resume her role as a full-time mother again. Twins are his priority and he stays with them whenever he can. For this reason, she would have decided to reduce her public commitments and refrain from traveling abroad unaccompanied by her husband Alberto, just to be with her son as much as possible and avoid too much stress.