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Charles III operated: Princes Andrew and Harry can no longer replace the king

Princes Andrew and Harry, both retired from the British royal family, lost their role as potential successors to King Charles III. or “councillors of state” in cases of absence and illness, according to a law passed at the end of 2022 that was then quietly passed, The Times says Friday.

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The British daily reported this clarification of protocol at a time when both the King and Princess Kate are on compulsory withdrawal due to health problems, as is Crown Prince William, who is sitting at his wife's bedside after surgery.

A Councilor of State is a member of the royal family to whom the monarch can delegate certain of his duties in the event of illness or when traveling abroad.

In addition to the monarch's wife, Queen Camilla, these are usually the first four adults over the age of 21 in the order of succession to the throne, namely Princes William, Harry, Andrew and Princess Beatrice, their eldest daughter.

Charles III  operated: Princes Andrew and Harry can no longer replace the king


But with the accession of Charles III. In 2022, the issue came to the table because three of these members were no longer active within the monarchy.

Prince Harry, youngest son of King Charles III, and his wife Meghan have actually decided to retire from the royal family in 2020 and settle in the United States.

As for Prince Andrew, he is withdrawing from the monarchy due to his ties to the late American financier Jeffrey Epstein and sexual assault allegations settled through a financial settlement.

To clarify the situation, the royal family clarified under a law passed by the British Parliament in November 2022 that “only its active members” could “in practice” serve as state advisers, even if the non-active members retain this title .

The law passed at the end of 2022 shows that Charles III. decided to give his sister Princess Anne and his brother Edward the role of “Council of State”.

However, Buckingham Palace made it clear that the king would not have to ask his state advisers to replace him next week when he undergoes surgery for benign prostatic hypertrophy.