1705060852 ChatGPT opens its app store and tries to copy Apple39s

ChatGPT opens its app store and tries to copy Apple's model

Op‌enAI has finally opened its shop of user-built ChatGPT apps. The company behind the most famous chatbot announced this “ChatGPT Store” in November, which arrived this week after a few months of delays. Starting this Wednesday, users will have the opportunity to use dedicated applications. Currently the store is only open to ChatGPT subscribers.

The model is similar to the Apple and Android app stores. The aim is to create its own ecosystem that will allow this model to be a platform for the development of applications that will become indispensable for millions of users, as is the case on mobile phones with Instagram, Uber, TikTok and many other apps was. According to OpenAI, more than 3 million bots or applications have already been created. The store also offers agents generated by the platform itself.

The Sam Altman-led company will also share a portion of revenue with the developers of the most used apps. However, no details regarding the distribution of income shares have been announced yet. You also have greater control so apps comply with company policies.

Screenshot of the apps suggested by the company in the ChatGPT Store.Screenshot of the apps suggested by the company in the ChatGPT Store.

In the store these days, for example, the company recommends a hiking-themed app created by AllTrails. The search process is similar to the original AppTrails app itself, but asks ChatGPT questions to find an appropriate route. Other applications similar to ChatGPT's most common applications also stand out: Code Tutor for programming with an assistant; Consensus to search scientific articles or Books to ask for recommendations on books and literature.

The shop also offers applications for illustrations, logos and similar images in various areas to facilitate writing in natural language or code and to perform mathematical operations. In many cases, the solutions are similar to what version 4 of ChatGPT could offer, with the advantage of focusing on a more precise area. The risk of hallucinations or deviations still exists.

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