Che tempo che fa Elodie Tightrope walker between waxing coughing

Che tempo che fa, Elodie Tightrope walker between waxing, coughing and audience irony

Elodie DiPatrici was one of the guests of the episode of “What’s the weather like” by Fabio Fazio tonight, February 19. The singer sang the Sanremo song “Due” (which reached ninth place in the ranking) and showed himself, as testified, still with the ailments of the week he had spent in the Ligurian city hoarse voice and cough. In fact, the singer had already said in an interview with “Domenica In” that she had a “good” night after the Sanremo final. Introduced by Filippa Lagerbäck, Fabio Fazio and a nice joke by Luciana Littizzetto, that’s how it started overwhelmingly hosted by Elodie in the Rai 3 program.

“I really like it with that dress you didn’t wax,” Littizzetto began anticipating the artist’s curious gaze, wears a flesh-colored dress with unusual feathers. After her extraordinary performance, the Italo-French immediately reached out to the comedian, ironically accusing her of “ruining” her performance too amused by the joke just done. “Otherwise you do the laser, that definitely is,” he later added in conversation with the artist, who jokingly replied that he preferred the razor blade.

The Turin actress took the opportunity to praise the artist’s outfits and voice. Elodie tried to thank her but was suddenly cut off coughing fits. “He sings very difficult songs, actually he can’t do it because then he dies,” joked ‘Lucianina’. Di Patrizi admitted: “I was terrible, Sanremo killed me”. From then on, the web started to be hilarious you teasesay it still is tried on the Spree made on Saturday night after the festival finals. Moments later, Luciana returned with a bottle of water to help the singer amid laughter from the audience. In particular, it stood out among all a man’s ‘giggle’, so much so that Elodie exclaimed, “Ah, but he’s the most famous voice, but he’s got a good laugh”. Litizzetto hilariously replied: “Luckily he’s there, he looks, then when there was Covid it was practically just him.”

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Fabio Fazio: irony about his son and Elodie

So there is room for the music and career of the Italian “pop star”. Facio asked Amici’s former student if the piece “Two” was autobiographical, who replied that “it’s all a bit autobiographical” (the song is notoriously dedicated to rapper Marracash). After that they talked about Elodie’s latest album “Ok,Breathe” which was released on February 10th. The host asked her if she could sign the protocol His sonwhat remained blow after I met her. “I’m glad he’s a nice boy,” Elodie said. “Yes, he said that too,” replied Fabio, amused. Di Patrizi clarified that she could be the boy’s mother and the man repeated, “No, he said no”, to laughter from the audience.