Check the show order at Numanice in Salvador

Check the show order at Numanice in Salvador

Check the show order at Numanic in SalvadorPhotos: Webert Belicio/ Gabriel Rangel/ Agnews

The production of the Numanice project of the singer Ludmilla announced on Saturday (22) the order of the shows during the event in Salvador. According to information published on the party’s website this Friday (21), three other attractions are scheduled to perform. Ludmilla is the third of them. [Confira a lista abaixo]

Admission: 4 p.m

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4 p.m. Gabi da Oxe

6 p.m. TeleFunkSoul

7 p.m. Ludmilla

10 p.m. Ludbrisa

11pm Thu4i

In addition, the organization published further information about the event. As the weather forecast predicts that it will rain in the city over the weekend, places with covered areas are highlighted.

The drinks available at the event’s open bar and the prohibited materials were also detailed. There is also the party card and information on safety. [Confira abaixo]

Lumila in Salvador

The singer landed in the capital of Bahia this Friday morning. Arriving on a private jet, she made her way to the exclusive suite she had booked at a luxury downtown hotel.

O iBahia found that the accommodation does not appear on booking platforms nor is it presented to anyone in the sales sector of the property.

Check the show order at Numanic in SalvadorPhoto: Playback/Instagram

The location was posted by Lud on social media with the caption “New coverage in Salvador.” From the pictures you can see that in addition to a private pool and balcony, the suite has a bedroom with a kingsize bed, two bathrooms, a kitchen and at least three rooms, one of which is a dining room with a table for 10 people; a living room; and a television. [Assista abaixo]

A similar room rate as the hotel’s booking platforms costs more than 2,000 BRL and does not have an individual pool. In addition to privacy and size, the place offers only hydromassage as a difference from the other rooms.


Video: Playback / Instagram

The house where Ludmilla’s family lives has a barbecue, a swimming pool and several rooms. It just wasn’t possible to pinpoint the exact location.

In the posts, the singer shared a hearty lunch of feijoada and barbecue. Several pallets of drinks can also be seen in the pool area. In addition to her and Brunna, her mother Silvana Oliveira and grandmother Vilma Salles also enjoy the food.

The singer also gave a taste of what audiences will find around the show while flying over Wet’n Wild on Avenida Paralela the space where the project will take place. [Assista abaixo]


Video: Playback / Instagram

Check the show order at Numanic in SalvadorPhoto: Playback/Instagram