Chemotherapy pneumonia New health problems for Eleonora Giorgi

“Chemotherapy pneumonia.” New health problems for Eleonora Giorgi

After twenty days of absence from social networks Eleonora Giorgi She returned to speak to her followers in a video explaining the reason for her disappearance. The actress, who recently discovered she had pancreatic cancer, underwent a new course of chemotherapy, but it left her severely weakened and led to further health problems.

Fever, then pneumonia

She told it herself on Instagram, where she resurfaced with one Video message addressed to his fans. “We separated when I was about to undergo chemotherapy and after a few days I was supposed to return to Myrta Merlino on television, but instead I had a fever, a cough and we discovered that I had a nice case of pneumonia.” Immune weakening“So almost like chemo,” confessed Eleonora Giorgi, talking about the difficult moment she experienced due to the cancer treatments. “I was incredibly weak and that Fever which never went below 38 and scared me a little,” he said in the short social video.

The actress reassured her followers about her current affairs Health conditions But he also explained that after the pneumonia he had other problems that were related to the chemotherapy that he has been doing for several weeks to beat the cancer. “I recovered and wasn't hospitalized for the pneumonia, but I still had to take antibiotics for fifteen days,” Giorgi revealed, continuing her story: “Then I had one…”infection from the infusion. In short, within a few days I had anesthesia, contrast treatments and even minor surgery. Let’s say it’s been a busy few days, but I’m optimistic, I have to fight and do what the doctors tell me.”

The message to the fans on social media

Eleonora Giorgi has revealed that she will soon have to undergo a new operation DOMESTIC ANIMAL, the test to find out whether chemotherapy has worked and therefore whether it is possible for you to have surgery to remove the pancreatic tumor. She then thanked her fans for the affection they showed her in this difficult moment: “Reading you was beautiful, especially in those days when I didn't move. Thank you for the affection.” What keeps her alive and drives her to fight is above all her nephew, the son of Paolo Ciavarro and Clizia Incorvaia, about whom the actress spoke in the social video message and who manages to inspire her even in the most complicated moments to make you smile.