Cher is accused of abusive behavior in the dispute over

Cher is accused of “abusive behavior” in the dispute over her son’s guardianship

Cher's son claimed he was “perfectly capable” of managing his own affairs despite his mother asking him for guardianship.

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• Also read: Cher is seeking guardianship of her son Elijah Blue Allman

The star's 47-year-old son has a long history of drug abuse, but claimed in court documents that he had abstained from using illegal substances, which “have always been at the root of the incidents of concern.” [sa] Mother”.

Cher, 77, first tried to gain guardianship of her son in early January. However, recent documents from Marieangela King, Elijah Blue Allman's estranged wife, claim that Cher is “categorically unsuitable to serve as guardian.” Marieangela King added that she was a “witness and victim of Elijah’s mother’s abusive behavior.”

In her first petition, Cher claimed, “Elijah is entitled to regular distributions from a trust established by his father for his benefit, but given his mental health and substance abuse issues, the petitioner fears that the funds paid to Elijah will immediately be spent on drugs.” leaving Elijah without the means to support himself and putting Elijah's life in danger.

Court documents say Cher worked “tirelessly” to help her son “get into treatment.” The same documents also state that Marieangela King “did not support” his recovery and that she actively worked to prevent ElijahBlue Allman from becoming “clean and sober.”

ElijahBlue Allman claims that he is able to control his own life. “I have lived a sober life, reconciled with my wife, paid my bills and paid lawyers to ensure that I could remain independent of my mother's control,” he said in court documents. “I do not use illegal substances, I am able to manage the money I receive quarterly from my late father's trust fund and I am committed to it.”

ElijahBlue Allman is the son of Cher and musician Greg Allman.