Chiara Ferragni enters the store and asks for a Pandoro

Chiara Ferragni enters the store and asks for a Pandoro: viral video

The video shot by a young man in the Milan store goes viral Chiara Ferragni. The boy actually Enter the storewhich is practically empty and the saleswoman asks ironically: “Do you have a Pandoro?”. The girl turns away from him and answers embarrassed: “NO”. Then she turns around and continues as the young man thanks her and walks out.

Here is the video of the back and forth between the customer and the seller

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On the first day of winter sales, very few people were seen at the influencer's Milan store, a stone's throw from Corso Como and Piazza Gae Aulenti. After the Pandoro storm Pink Christmas toys – which was also followed by controversies over the sale of Easter eggs and the Trudi doll – which overwhelmed her, and over the recent Coca-Cola case that led to Ferragni's departure, her supporters do not seem to be interested in the baby pink tops or the rhinestone handbags to be interested, discounted up to half price, peeking out from behind the window that still has the Christmas slogan “Make a wish, make a gift” on it.

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The The shop is empty. Inside there are only two saleswomen, dressed in the total look of Chiara Ferragni, looking somewhat bored between the golden shelves. Outside, someone stops at the shop door, takes a look at the prices, peers through the glass, and then moves on. “Chiara Ferragni It's in decline now, poor thing – says a lady with her little girl – we don't have anything from their brand and I don't think we will ever buy anything. I was looking at a pink suitcase for my daughter who is going to London but I don't think I will take it with me.