Chiara Ferragni on the BMW convertible leaves everyone speechless rear

Chiara Ferragni, on the BMW convertible leaves everyone speechless: rear end and piercing gaze ​​​​​​

Chiara Ferragni is always on the launch pad, just like a beautiful and luxurious car, followed by a flood of fans. And even when getting into the car, his decisions are really smart.

What are Chiara Ferragni’s best decisions? Difficult to say, because wherever he chooses to rest his eyes and attention, the influencer never misses a beat. Even when it comes to that four wheels, the VIP always knows which cars to show up with. Let’s go and see to believe.

Ferragni Ferragni / web source

It’s almost impossible to imagine a woman more influential than the queen of influencers. and Chiara Ferragni keeps rising to this “metaphorical” title thanks to the quality of its selection.

The style of her photothe places where he shows himself, his clothes, his Car. Yes, the cars. A combination by the beauty of influencer and its wonderful cars that reinforce the concept of charm and indeed of appeal. Let’s find out which car the well-known social media star is driving.

Chiara Ferragni shows a gem of a car

FerragniFerragni / web source

A BMW convertible that follows all the others it has already shown. In fact, he notices it this time too influencer leaves everyone speechless. The queen of the media, always alongside her beloved husband, the rapper and music producer fedezShe doesn’t fail to captivate day after day with photos and footage that takes fans’ breath away.

Whatever the immortal scene or message, Ferragni goes along with it style and elegance. The same as his BMW M4 worth 90,000 euros. In fact, the fashion blogger “shares” her new car on social media, leaving everyone speechless.

Chiara Ferragni and BMW: perfect combination

bmw BMW / web source

Not new to photoshoots with his beloved cars and in particular with the BMW, the beautiful Chiara Ferragni Recently he wanted to emphasize how his social profile can be the guidepost for a real form of launching a car, which has immediately become one of the highlights of his Instagram stories.

The race car we are talking about is a BMW M4, which is worth more than 90 thousand eurosthat the Ferragni Show on the streets of Los Angeles. The new car has a powerful turbo engine, the car can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds, and the top speed is electronically limited to 250 km / h. In short, a real gem, a motor bomb for a real sex bomb.