1704282384 Chiara Ferragni speaks again Thank you to those who were

Chiara Ferragni speaks again: “Thank you to those who were there in times of need”

Chiara Ferragni speaks again Thank you to those who were

Chiara Ferragni returns to a conversation on social media after the Balocco case and the millionaire fine of the Cartel Office. The influencer posted two stories on his Instagram profile: the first sees a photo of himself with the inscription “I missed you” and a box for all the fans who stayed by his side during the most difficult time in recent years them to write scandal.

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The second is a long text message: “I want to say something. I would like to thank all the people who have been close to me in the last few days and who have had a good word to comfort me. Thank you to all the people who messaged or DM'd, who asked how I was doing, who encouraged me to return to social media. Thank you to those who are there, to those who listen, to those who don't want to undermine but want to help. To those who expressed their opinions, even negative ones, in a calm and constructive tone, because in life there is always time for discussion, reflection and new beginnings. The people who truly love you are seen in times of need, and I have seen, read and heard you. Thank you.” A slow return to normality for Ferragni, which had locked itself into deafening silence in recent weeks.

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