Chico Barney Amanda pushes the bar and is the biggest

Chico Barney Amanda pushes the bar and is the biggest cookie of BBB 23 Splash

*By Splash staff

Columnist Chico Barney pointed out that Amanda’s plot on BBB 23 (Globo) boils down to “cookies.”

Amanda is the greatest cookie maker to ever get through the BBB. She tries at all costs to tell a story and force the bar with everyone.

The sister still hasn’t come to terms with going to Paredão after being recommended by the house the doctor being the second most chosen by her colleagues from prison.

Amanda thinks she can’t be chosen by the opposing group, but she can choose whoever she wants. She’s right, we need people like that at the BBB, but she’s forced.

Aline Ramos: Cristian, from BBB 23, shows with kind words that he doesn’t get a woman for the sake of beauty

Cristian has spent the last few days convincing the other brothers that he was not acting in bad faith at BBB 23.

“Cristian’s thing has never been picking up a woman for her beauty, as he believes that is his strength. It’s clear that his forte is his smooth language. He takes a lot of people with him,” he said.

Aline Ramos was referring to a conversation the brother had with Amanda at leader Gustavo’s party yesterday. The two spoke about the dispute over Cristian and approached Bruna and Paula for information which he denied.

Cristian justified this by saying that he doesn’t have to act like this on the show because he has the woman he wants out of the house.

Lucas Pasin: Aline Wirley isn’t a plant anymore, but being boring isn’t enough at BBB 23

Aline Wirley, exRouge, was considered a plant by the public for the first few weeks of BBB 23, but the sister lost patience and quarreled with Bruno over a game of shaving cream after leader Gustavo’s party.

Columnist Lucas Pasin enjoyed seeing the singer in combat, but opined that she needs to deliver more to deserve to continue in the game.

“I liked that Aline was involved in the bullshit and I identified with her a bit because I would be playing that annoying role too. You exaggerated that joke,” he commented.

Staying alone in this boring and plaintive place isn’t enough. Aline has yet to dig into other stories to stay on the show longer.

Columnist Aline Ramos also pointed out that at least the singer left the role of “plant”.

“With this fight, although she has shown herself to be a slightly more boring person, she has left the plant stage. She has evolved a little,” he analyzed.

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