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Child hit by a stray bullet: A man who wanted to take justice into his own hands gets seven years in prison

A man who sought to take justice into his own hands by opening fire in a residential area, hitting a 9-year-old child with a stray bullet while taking aim at his bullies, will spend seven years reflecting on his actions behind bars .

“Despite being threatened, instead of calling the police, he took what is commonly referred to as ‘justice’ into his own hands. “He armed himself with full knowledge of the consequences that could occur,” lamented Judge Louise Leduc on Monday as she announced the sentence against Yves Martin Larocque at the Sorel-Tracy courthouse.

The 40-year-old, who was connected via video conference, had red eyes when the verdict was announced.

In January 2023, he admitted committing grievous bodily harm, discharging a firearm with intent to injure and negligently using a weapon. His attempted murder charge was subsequently dropped.


The affair occurred on August 22, 2021 in Contrecœur in Montérégie.

That evening, at around 7:30 p.m., David Burelle-Jeannotte and two other men went to the defendant's house on Rue des Pivoines.

“We will put together a team and get past you,” Burelle-Jeannotte, a highly criminalized figure who had been threatening him for months, had previously warned him.

According to our information, their conflict began during an argument in a bar.

Martin Laroque, wearing only a swimsuit when he was woken up by the intruders, came out of his house and shot his bullies with his registered rifle.

While escaping by car, Burelle-Jeannotte was hit in the head by a projectile. A 9-year-old boy, who was standing nearby and had nothing to do with this open war, saw a bullet pass through his thigh.

Man pulled child reluctantly

Ironically, the vehicle, hit by multiple projectiles, landed in the ditch, near a sign warning people to beware of children. Photo agency QMI, Pascal Girard

Two similar cases

Although the child only suffered psychological aftereffects, Burelle-Jeannotte is now in a wheelchair and lives in a special residential home.

“No matter how many times people tell me that this person has been criminalized, it is terribly sad,” said Judge Leduc, who insisted on the importance of deterrence in firearms matters.

Less than a week ago, the judge lectured another convict in a similar case in which the person tried to defend himself during an attack.

Special circumstances

Since his imprisonment, Yves Martin Larocque faced a ten-year prison sentence. His lawyer suggested a four-year prison sentence.

However, due to his preventive detention and the prison conditions deemed difficult by the court, the Contrecœurois is released from prison earlier than expected.

He therefore has almost three years left in prison.

According to the court, Martin Larocque is at low risk of reoffending. He had no previous convictions.

“I take very seriously the fact that he is remorseful. [Il a commis] a criminal act in a particular case, especially in certain circumstances of his life. Otherwise, his lifestyle does not reflect his behavior at all,” the judge concluded.

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