Children were hit by a car in front of their

Children were hit by a car in front of their school in Miami

A car struck three children who were on their way to Biscayne Gardens Elementary School at 560 Northwest 151st Street in the city of Miami.

According to the local press, the unfortunate event occurred on Thursday morning.

It turned out that the accident occurred near the entrance to the educational center, before the speed limit began at the school.

The three minors, grandchildren of a witness to the incident, were immediately taken to the hospital to receive urgent treatment from the doctors on duty.

One of them, 12 years old, suffered serious brain and lung injuries and required surgery.

The moment was so desperate that the grandmother herself told Miami authorities that the little boy had “flew away” from the impact and was taken by helicopter to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Police said the woman driving the vehicle that struck the children remained at the scene after the incident.

In fact, the front of his car was damaged due to the collision with the minors. Investigators arrived at the scene around 7:30 a.m. after receiving an alarm.

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Until then, the woman had not been arrested or criminally charged.

Miami police told the community that the case is currently under investigation and urged people to contact appropriate authorities immediately if they have any further information.

It is expected that more information about both the seriously injured child and the others involved will become known in the next few hours.

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