Chile The reform for a new constitutional procedure is already

Chile: The reform for a new constitutional procedure is already law á

Why a new constituent procedure?

This new process began to take shape in September 61% of Chileans decided not to accept the constitutional text who wrote the Constituent Assembly after the social outburst in October 2019 who, among other things, called for the drafting of a new constitution.

Unlike the procedure rejected in the referendum on September 4, the new one limited participation of indigenous peoplesbecause their candidates They can only be members of the Constitutional Council if they get 1.5% of the votes. the reconciliation of the national register.

The steps to follow from now on

the first task this second constitutional process is up to Congressthe must nominate 24 members of the expert commissionwhich will take up its duties on March 6 and whose task will be: a Draft with the 12 constitutional bases of the “Agreement for Chile” signed on December 12 by the political parties with parliamentary representation.

Both the ruling party and the opposition will elect half of the members this commission while respecting gender parity, and both chambers must approve the lists of experts with four sevenths of the votes. It is required to be a member of the expert commission have the right to vote, academic degree or academic degree, in addition to Accredited professional experience of at least ten years in the public or private sector.

Then, on May 7, in an election with compulsory voting, the 50 members from Constitutional Council more places for Advisor to Indigenous Peoples by share of votes. This council, which will start its work on June 7th, must to discuss the Draft of the expert commission.

In parallel, it works a Technical Committee for Admissibilitywith 14 members appointed by Congresswho will watch over him Compliance with the “Agreement for Chile” with its 12 institutional bases ranging from the fact that Chile is a republic to the fact that central bank autonomy must be respected.