China quotMiracle ballquot In Progress How the scary body works

China, "Miracle ball" In Progress. How the scary body works

China's defense industry is taking a step forward. Scientists claimed to have developed a smart “miracle projectile” that could “fly across the sky at speeds of Mach 7.” As we read in an article in Il Giornale, this body would be activated by an electromagnetic cannon. Although it is in the testing phase, it could revolutionize the global military landscape.

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The term “Dream Bullet” was first used by the US Navy in 2012. The reason? They wanted to name a projectile fired from electromagnetic rail or coil guns, traveling at a speed of Mach 5 and controlled by GPS signals. “The US military planned to develop something like this within five years, but that deadline would have been far exceeded. In 2017, the research was still ongoing,” the paper said. China, on the other hand, cannot be stopped. The search has never stopped and the long-awaited moment may have come. As Il Giornale explains, this body would in fact be “capable of stably receiving the signals of the Chinese BeiDou satellite navigation system and continuously adjusting its trajectory, allowing it to hit targets within a radius of 15 meters.”

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Meanwhile, U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan has pressured Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to call on Beijing to use its influence to curb Iran's support for the Houthis, who are attacking ships in the Red Sea. A senior Biden administration official said this in a briefing, according to international media reports. Sullivan met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Bangkok, Thailand.