Chinese cake and champagne for Laurence St Germain

Chinese cake and champagne for Laurence St-Germain

More than 48 hours after her historic performance in France, Laurence St-Germain was a busy person yesterday as she stopped in Montreal for a media tour. How did the world champion celebrate her first career title? With champagne and… shepherd’s pie in the next few days.

It took St-Germain several hours to accomplish her feat in the women’s slalom at the World Championships presented in Courchevel and Méribel on Saturday.

“During the awards ceremony, I realized what was happening to me,” said Laurence St-Germain. On the plane I could sit down and see what I had just achieved.”

After the ceremony, she celebrated with her Canadian teammates.

“I hardly had time to talk to my parents and my friends,” added the 28-year-old athlete. It happened pretty quickly.

“My teammates were pretty excited. In the evening we went to après-ski. It was a beautiful sunset and we had a few glasses of champagne. It was delicious!”

After her media tour, she will travel to Quebec City for the next two weeks. She will go to school and train before hitting the road again for her next competition.

Of course, she will take time to celebrate her success with her family members. Will the new champion have a special wish?

“We eat out so often during the season that I prefer to have dinner at home,” added St-Germain. I want to eat my mother’s shepherd’s pie. The classic steak corn from India potatoes.

“I’ll also be taking part in my brother’s competition at Mont-Tremblant. Next Thursday I have the honor of opening the track.

Good day at the office

To return to his exceptional performance, St-Germain had a good feeling on his boards from the first lap.

“As I went down, I was in the present moment,” she said. I was just thinking about my plan and attacking. I felt like I had a good run on my first run.

“I didn’t think I would end up in provisional third place. Then, in the second, I didn’t know where I was going to end up because I made a small mistake at the top of the course. You never know what other people will do.”

Her efforts were enough to end Canada’s 63-year drought in women’s slalom at the World Championships. In 1960, Anne Heggtveit also won gold at this event.

A target in the back?

St-Germain’s next competition will be held in Sweden on March 11th.

“Of course there will be more pressure and more expectations,” he said. Now I know I can. I know what matters and I will try to repeat what I have done. »

Will she now have a target on her back?

“The other girls have seen me skiing and know that I can be there too. Maybe that’s another girl they can beat.”