Chinese Cosco stops container ships to and from Israel. “For trading with very long weeks…

The Chinese Cosco stops the transport of products to and from Israel on its 256th Container holder. Attacks by Houthi militias off the Yemeni coast They are frightening and particularly target transport with Israel, as they are in retaliation for the bombings in Gaza. In recent weeks there have been attacks and attacks on ships from various shipping companies, most notably Maersk. The militias have now asked the ships to communicate their alienation from Israel's trade to get some kind of passport. But given the uncertainty and a risk that remains despite the U.S.-led task force in the region, many ships are choosing to sail around Africa rather than use the Red Sea and Suez Canal. In this way, times and costs increase, but risks are reduced. From the last one Attacks on ships on November 19thnot always connected to Israel, were 24.

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About 12% of world trade passes through the Suez Canal and huge amounts of oil, diesel or LNG from the Middle East and India flow through the Red Sea to reach European destinations. According to the operators, there are even more difficult weeks ahead for ship transport The burden is expected to increase in view of the Chinese New Year, which begins on February 10th. And transportation costs are rising, driving up the value of securities held by shipping companies like Lloyd and Maersk, all with double-digit gains last month. The two companies denied holding talks with the militias to agree on a “passport” in exchange for a promise not to call at Israeli ports, an accusation reiterated by ShippingWatch.