Chris Brown tired of people bringing up his attack on

Chris Brown tired of people bringing up his attack on Rihanna after working with Chloe Bailey

By Brian Marks and Deirdre Simonds and Christine Rendon For 21:28 February 17th 2023, updated 21:54 February 17th 2023

Chris Brown lashed out on social media on Friday after being hit by a fresh wave of criticism over his history of domestic violence.

The 33-year-old singer berated his critics for repeatedly mentioning his brutal assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, which sent her to the hospital.

Following the recent spate of criticism sparked by Chloe Bailey’s announcement that she had collaborated with him on her single How Does It Feel, Brown also tried to pin the blame on other white celebrities whom he believed were the Domestic violence claims are a thing of the past.

He also mocked the Cheetah Girls and 3LW singer Kiely Williams for lisping.

In a spate of text posts he shared on his Instagram Stories, Brown claimed he couldn’t get a second chance he believed so many other celebrities had been given.

Speaking his mind: Chris Brown, 33, slammed his Instagram Stories on Friday after critics slammed him for his history of domestic violence after Chloe Bailey announced they had collaborated on a song; seen in 2015 youth transgression? He claimed hitting his then-girlfriend Rihanna so badly that she had to be hospitalized in 2009 was a “mistake” when he was 17, and he accused his critics of ignoring other abusers

“If you guys still hate me for a mistake I made when I was 17, please kiss my whole ass!” He began his final series of posts.

“I’m fucking 33! I’m so tired of you running around with this tale. You crazy assholes are the same ones who tune in every week to see Blueface and Chrisean pound each other in front of the whole world.

‘But is that okay? It’s entertainment? Y’all can suck my dick disrespectfully,” he wrote.

Then Brown tried to divert attention by naming other celebrities who have been accused of crimes similar to the one he pleaded guilty to in court.

“Where’s the break-up culture with these white artists who date underage women, beat up their wives, and give f***ing AIDS,” he began.

‘Oh. That’s right.. they are your buddies 😏. No more fake love from me. Stay out of my way or just get run over like that!

He finished with, “None of you and I mean none of you n****s can screw me.”

Next, Brown added a long list of stars accused of domestic violence to his Instagram Stories, including Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, Nicolas Cage, Ozzy Osbourne, Tommy Lee, Slash, Charlie Sheen, Steven Seagal, Christian Slater and Josh Brolin , Tom Sizemore, the late James Caan, Vince Neil and Mickey Rourke.

Index finger: Then Brown tried to deflect attention by naming other celebrities who have been accused of similar crimes to which he pleaded guilty in court White Stars: He posted photos of celebrities including Sean Penn, Mickey Rourke, Nicolas Cage, Mel Gibson, Tommy Lee, Steven Seagal, Ozzy Osbourne and others previously accused of domestic abuse as he thought they got a free pass; Penn seen Friday in Berlin on Below the Belt: He also poked fun at 3LW singer Kiely Williams for her apparent lisp on her song No More (Baby I’Ma Do Right) — despite not having one in real life — and for allegedly being unemployed be

He concluded with a video still showing UFC President Dana White drunkenly beating his wife.

“I’ve got time today,” Brown concluded.

Earlier, the Cheetah Girls and 3LW singer hit out at Kiely Williams after she criticized him on Twitter.

She previously wrote: “Let him come out with his own record – so brilliant, so compelling, we all forget he hits women. He can’t, so he doesn’t. So what is he doing?’

Brown quoted her tweet and shared lyrics from her 3LW song No More (Baby I’Ma Do Right). I’m getting tired of Ya broken PROMITHIS PROMITHIS.’

The stylized spelling indicated how many listeners seemed to hear her lisp on that line. However, Williams, who doesn’t seem to speak with a lisp in real life, explained in a 2021 interview with ET that the reason she sounds like she’s lisping on that line is down to a primitive ancestor of Auto -Tune, which helped correct her pitches but also reportedly messed up her pronunciation.

Brown followed with a gruesome text accusing Williams of being unemployed.

‘Clearly you are at a point in your life where you are either very broke or heartbroken… THE FACT that you feel you need to speak negatively about me makes you look so lame…’ he wrote. “Minding your business would have been best … but I’m guessing you don’t have a business or a real job that makes you financially stable. I am more ashamed of you and your actual maturity.

The backlash against Brown has also engulfed his duet partner Chloe Bailey after she teased her song How Does It Feel.

Outrage was immediate when she announced the track as the second single from her forthcoming debut album In Pieces, due out next month.

After teasing the track with Brown by sharing a photo of them sharing a heartfelt hug on Thursday, fans of the 24-year-old singer unleashed their anger on social media as they begged her not to drop the track .

Many have argued that working with the Ayo hitmaker was a massive career misstep due to his long history of extreme violence against women, including his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

Outrage: Chloe Bailey has also come under fire for her decision to record a song with Brown called How Does It Feel

Aside from inflicting a split lip and a painful black eye on his former partner during a fight when he was 21, he was most recently accused of raping and drugging a woman on board a yacht in 2020, which he vehemently denied denies.

A Twitter user wrote on the short-form blogging platform, “Chloe Bailey’s management has no idea who their target audience is and that’s why they make such bad decisions and have them everywhere.”

“Chloe Bailey is doing a song with Chris Brown in 2023 it’s like she’s scared of success,” wrote another.

A third fired: “Chloe Bailey is making it so hard to defend her girl WHY are you making music with a abuser.”

Some reflected on “what exactly are all these women artists from Ciara to Kelly Rowland to Normani to now Chloe Bailey who are trying to prove themselves by supporting or working with Chris Brown.”

Award-winning journalist Ernest Owens wrote, “We fail black women in music when they feel they have to work with a known abuser to get on the charts.”

The conesus on social media is that it’s “disgusting” that people are following “this abusive pos.”[StĂŒck Scheiße]pay attention”.[pieceofsh**attention'[pieceofsh**attention’

A fan of the five-time Grammy nominee tweeted to Bailey that “there’s still time to delete this” so her followers can “pretend” they “didn’t” see it.

“Chloe Bailey is making it so hard to defend her girl WHY are you making music with a perpetrator,” one social media user fired, allowing her followers to ‘pretend’ they ‘didn’t’ see it order to chart.” Nicht glĂŒcklich: Der Conesus in den sozialen Medien ist, dass es „ekelhaft“ ist, dass Leute „diesem missbrĂ€uchlichen Pos[StĂŒckScheiße“Aufmerksamkeitschenken“EingrĂ¶ĂŸeresProblem:EinigedachtendarĂŒbernach„wasgenaualldieseKĂŒnstlerinnensindvonCiaraĂŒberKellyRowlandNormaniundjetztChloeBaileydieversuchensichzubeweisenindemsieChrisBrownunterstĂŒtzenodermitihmarbeiten“„ChloeBaileymacht2023einenSongmitChrisBrownesistalshĂ€ttesieAngstvorErfolg“schriebeinandererTwitter-NutzerschriebaufderKurzform-Blogging-Plattform:„ChloeBaileysManagementhatkeineAhnungwersieistrgetpublikumistunddeshalbtreffensiesoschlechteentscheidungenundhabensieĂŒberall'[pieceofsh**attention’Alargerproblem:Somereflectedon’whatexactlyareallthesefemaleartistsfromCiaratoKellyRowlandNormaniandnowChloeBaileytryingtoproveinproppinguporworkingwithChrisBrown”ChloebaileymakingasongwithChrisBrownin2023it’slikeshe’safraidofsuccess’anotherwroteOneTwitteruserwroteontheshort-formbloggingplatform:’Chloebailey’smanagementhasnoideawhohertargetaudienceisandthat’swhytheymakesuchpoordecisionsandhaveherallovertheplace'[StĂŒckScheiße“Aufmerksamkeitschenken“EingrĂ¶ĂŸeresProblem:EinigedachtendarĂŒbernach„wasgenaualldieseKĂŒnstlerinnensindvonCiaraĂŒberKellyRowlandNormaniundjetztChloeBaileydieversuchensichzubeweisenindemsieChrisBrownunterstĂŒtzenodermitihmarbeiten“„ChloeBaileymacht2023einenSongmitChrisBrownesistalshĂ€ttesieAngstvorErfolg“schriebeinandererTwitter-NutzerschriebaufderKurzform-Blogging-Plattform:„ChloeBaileysManagementhatkeineAhnungwersieistrgetpublikumistunddeshalbtreffensiesoschlechteentscheidungenundhabensieĂŒberall'[pieceofsh**attention’Alargerproblem: Somereflectedon’whatexactlyareallthesefemaleartistsfromCiaratoKellyRowlandNormaniandnowChloeBaileytryingtoproveinproppinguporworkingwithChrisBrown”ChloebaileymakingasongwithChrisBrownin2023it’slikeshe’safraidofsuccess’anotherwroteOneTwitteruserwroteontheshort-formbloggingplatform:’Chloebailey’smanagementhasnoideawhohertargetaudienceisandthat’swhytheymakesuchpoordecisionsandhaveherallovertheplace’

The new song will be released on February 24th, a few weeks before the release of her album.

Meanwhile, news of Chris’ new collaboration with Chloe comes after he posted an Instagram Story with a love heart and a prayer emoji to appear to congratulate Rihanna on her smashing Super Bowl performance.

The pair were known to have been together for over a decade, but their relationship hit rocks after it was revealed that Brown assaulted her in 2009, leaving her “spitting up blood.”

He admitted to hitting Rihanna before her scheduled performance at this year’s Grammys and pleaded guilty to assault.

But despite her past, Chris has often shown public affection and support for Rihanna — who stole the halftime show on Sunday night in Arizona.

Chris posted a story on his social media – he simply wrote “Go Girl” with a red heart and a prayer emoji.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to note that he may have used the red emoji to represent Rihanna’s standout scarlet ensemble.