Christian de Sica caught naked in the middle of the

Christian de Sica, caught naked in the middle of the street: unthinkable images ​​​​​​Lineadiretta24

Christian de SicaChristian De Sica unrecognizable – direct line24

Would you ever think of seeing Christian De Sica naked in the street? Well it really happened, let’s find out the details together

One of the actors who has always proved his liveliness and his professionalism in many films is he, son of art, Christian de Sica. The man, during his important and brilliant career, became one of the reference points of a different and particular genre like that of the cinepanettoni, not always well seen by film critics. Some time ago, however, some photos of De Sica without clothes appeared that caused a stir, but what happened?

The great Christian De Sica lived in a family where art was his daily bread, since his father was a great master of cinema and actor who wrote Italian film history, Vittorio De Sica, while his uncle was an important soundtrack artist. However, we can remember that De Sica started his career as a singer and even took part in Sanremo without much success.

He then took his first steps in film, acting as the protagonist in the well-known film La Madama by Duccio Tessari. The real success comes in 1983 with his first Cinepanettone alongside Massimo Boldi, Christmas holidays. Since then, the De Sica-Boldi couple has become one of the diamonds of this genre. Among the most successful films we can remember Christmas on the Nile, Christmas in India, Christmas in Miami.

The man has been married to Silvia Verdone, Carlo Verdone’s sister, since 1980 and they have two children, Brando and Maria Rosa. For some time, however, Christian has not acted continuously, but always remains a point of reference for Italian cinema. A while ago, the actor did something unexpected that left fans speechless.

The unexpected gesture of Christian De Sica

De Sica has always been an actor who comes up with huge surprises for his audience, and he recently gave a lengthy interview with Vanity Fair, where he talked about the experiences of his career that have particularly shaped him. On his Instagram profile he wanted to publish a very special shot that left the fans speechless.

Christian de SicaChristian De Sica an unexpected gesture – lineadiretta24

The great actor and son of art also commented on today’s comedy: “That’s nonsense, even comedy thrives on malice. Political correctness castrates comedians and if you’re careful there’s no laughter in the movies like there was in the ’70s and ’80s. Today we have giggles and soft rom-coms.”

I remember those moments with nostalgiaThe actor released a shot right on the set of the movie Christmas on a Cruise where he appeared naked and covered his privates with a poodle. Christian De Sica’s sympathy and irony will never go out of style.

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