Christina Aguilera impresses with her physical transformation

Christina Aguilera impresses with her physical transformation

New Year's Eve brought with it a return to the stages Christina Aguileraone of the most powerful voices in the music world and one of the most beautiful artists.

However, her career was overshadowed by the criticism and attacks she received because of the changes to her body, and she transformed from a very thin teenager to a curvy woman who is proud of her body.

But last weekend, The “Beautiful” singer left her fans in shockto begin her musical residency after a performance at the Voltaire Belle de Nuit Theater in Las Vegas, as she not only demonstrated her talent but also showed off her new figure with sensual and very tight costumes.

Through their social networks The singer posted some photos from the first of a series of concerts that will last until March, leaving her followers in shock. Many of them even claimed that the singer looked the same as she did in her early days, in the late 90s.

“You look great,” “We have loved you for 20 years, impressive,” are just some of the messages that can be read.

But also this change has expressed rumors and several suspicions regarding the use of Ozempicwhich is used to treat diabetics and has recently gained huge popularity after several celebrities confessed that they use it to lose weight quickly.

Several portals stated that Christina would join the list of celebrities who had resorted to Ozempic to achieve such quick results, since in June of the same year she was still seen with a body with much more curves. So far, the actress has not commented on the matter.

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