Claudia Gerini rejected Johnny Depp I put my number in

Claudia Gerini rejected Johnny Depp: “I put my number in his hat and he didn’t call me back.” And the dinner

Claudia Gerini and that meeting with Brad Pitt, who was having dinner with Edward Norton. Guest of “Un Giorno da Pecora” on Rai Radio1, the actress told conductors Geppi Cucciari and Giorgio Lauro that she had always preferred men with Mediterranean looks, only to change her mind when she was just a few steps away from the American sex symbol was . “I’ve always loved dark-skinned, dark-eyed men, and when it came to Pitt I was like, ‘Well, the classic blond American with blue eyes.’ But then’…” What happened? “I was having dinner with my boyfriend in Venice and there was Brad Pitt and Edward Norton introducing Fight Club. At the end of the dinner, Pitt came to our side of the table and I must say, yes, he was very nice. He was very cowboy, spirited, self-confident and played with a lighter. And I said to myself, laughing: I wish I were that lighter…».

Claudia Gerini rejected by Johnny Deep: the anecdote

However, his true passion is something else: Johnny Deep. “I had a ‘claudiata’ with him: I went to a dinner in Rome, where he was, it was around the time of the Amber Heard trial. When they introduced me to him, I hugged him and told him, “I’m on your side,” adding, “I love you.” He was impressed. But that’s not all: later I wrote him my cell phone number on a piece of paper and put it in his hat. Unfortunately he didn’t call me back…”

The relationship with Verdone

Much has also been written about Claudia Gerini’s relationship with Carlo Verdone. “We talk to each other almost every day, we’ve known each other a lot in the two and a half years that we’ve been on ‘honeymoon trips,’ we’ve fallen very much in love with each other.” At some point – the actress explained – we had this flirtation, but both Both he and I were at a different moment in our lives and I said: “Carlo, at this moment I am not fit to be your partner.” In short, I have withdrawn a little from this relationship, but between us there is a feeling of great friendship.” But is Claudia Gerini engaged or single now? “For two years I’ve been free,” she admits, “one day like a sheep.” Men might not court me a lot because they’re a bit scared, independent and autonomous women might scare them.”

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