Claudia Leitte hears calls for Lula is booed during Anitta

Claudia Leitte hears calls for Lula, is booed during Anitta rehearsals and excluded from the fan

Claudia Leitte got into confusion with the public during her performance on Thursday evening (25) at the Memorial da América Latina in São Paulo. Received by the public with boos and shouts in honor of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

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Anitta's fans say “olé olé olé olá, Lula, Lula” to Claudia Leitte 🗣️🗣️🗣️

— POPTime (@siteptbr) January 25, 2024

During the performance, the singer from Bahia expelled an Anitta fan who allegedly threw a glass at the artist. In the pictures below, Claudia Leitte can be seen reprimanding the man and then asking security guards to remove him from the event.

I'm at Anitta's rehearsal and at home. In my house, in their house, we don't let it go down at all. You can go, brother. Safety, you can take it off.”

Nobody messes around with milk! Due to Claudia Leitte's disrespect, Anitta's fan is excluded from the Anitta Ensaios event. “You’re big, but you’re not bigger than us,” Claudia said.

— Biel (@ApoioClaudiaL) January 25, 2024

Claudia Leitte is embroiled in controversy over her political positioning during the 2022 elections and denies any political opinion in favor of former President Jair Bolsonaro or President Lula.