Claudio Baglioni is retiring the star says goodbye with his

Claudio Baglioni is retiring, the star says goodbye with his immortal notes QUOTIDIANO NAZIONALE

It took Elton John five years to do this: In comparison, the thousand days (of him and of us) seem like a small thing Claudio Baglioni will keep busy, from today until 2026For say goodbye to the public. Announcing one's farewell, urbi et orbi announcing one's withdrawal from the scene and, in the meantime, embarking on a never-ending final tour is now a firm trend in the great world of pop. Nostalgic, melancholic, never so sentimental, The farewell waltz is simply very effective in convincing as many fans as possible to attend your show.

Claudio Baglioni will leave the stage in 2026

Claudio Baglioni will leave the stage in 2026

However, he has known (for about sixty years) the exuberant Baglioni, who knows the complicated rules of engagement Star Claudio’s “lap of honor”. It is not the greed to sell out, but the sincere desire, the crazy desire to welcome those who loved him, generation after generation, from the T-shirt to the solidarity with the migrants of O' Scià in Sanremo with Favino ei ” Soldi” by Mahmood.

The long farewell will serve to ease the disappointment and concern of Baglioni supporters: Will he be there to show that an era isn't over yet and unfortunately they're not over yet? fortunately? X? – the little big loves, the sparrows and the posters, the fixed price dinners sitting next to a pain, the streets and the hooks in the middle of the sky, the Cremino sticks to suck on and my own sad hopes. The 72-year-old Baglioni will not be missed, because he will be there – in top form and performance, as he said of himself yesterday – for about three more years, and then you know, Rick Moody teaches: Music is one of the few areas of human activity where the word soul is likely to have the upper hand even among laypeople, and the romantic and idealistic soul of Baglioni's popular legacy resonates indelibly in the existence of his fans. A soul that may have receded into you and me on Saturday afternoon, but certainly loving and saving – so vast and different from the toxic chaos of today.