Claudio Cecchetto speaks about the dispute with Linus He belittled

Claudio Cecchetto speaks about the dispute with Linus: “He belittled many fantastic people and called me an idiot”

Claudio Cecchetto and Linus, Radio Deejay's founder and current artistic director respectively, have argued. Live, during the broadcast, deejay calls Italy. Because of the film about Cecchetto, which Linus described as “uninteresting” and called his former friend a “fool”. The record producer and television presenter himself tells his version of the story today in Corriere della Sera. Based on his departure from radio: “Radio Deejay was my radio, founded with my money and under these conditions I couldn't stay.” Linus decided to do so and became an employee of the L'Espresso Group. He chose to be on the side of the strongest. But I don't want to encourage non-existent dualism, I still say today that my antagonists were L'Espresso and De Benedetti.

The break

However, Cecchetto also says that Linus must be held responsible for the attack and not him. According to Linus, the documentary “People from Cecchetto” had a low share: “The approval rate is still the most valid benchmark for me.” And that of the documentary was very high. And it wasn't a documentary about me: there was Jovanotti, Amadeus, Fiorello and then Gerry Scotti. Also Fabio Volo, Leonardo Pieraccioni, Carlo Conti. When I brought them to market I was confident that they would find their way. And then let's not forget DeeJay's gang. According to Cecchetto, Linus “belittled all these fantastic people.” Now, he says, he doesn't want to respond to Linus: “Now I'm thinking of Visit Romagna (the Romagna tourism promotion company, for which he is artistic director of major events, editor's note). Is that a sufficient answer to the question?”

The dispute

What exactly did Linus say about Cecchetto? On December 21, during deejay calls in Italy, the presenter, together with Nicola Savino, commented on the Auditel data: “Very bad Rai Uno.” Obviously there was something uninteresting there.” It was the day of Cecchetto's documentary. Savino objected, “How stupid you are.” And Linus' response was, “How stupid is that.”

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