Climate activists block first responders brain dead cyclist world

Climate activists block first responders brain dead cyclist world

In Berlin on Monday morning, a cyclist was hit by a concrete mixer and was seriously injured. Now she has been declared brain dead.

On Monday, a concrete mixer ran over a 44-year-old cyclist in Berlin. A special fire brigade vehicle arrived late at the crash site because it had long been stuck in a traffic jam due to blockades by climate activists. She was seriously injured and has now been declared brain dead. Police corrected reports that she had succumbed to her injuries.

Berlin police had already filed a complaint against two climate activists on Wednesday for obstructing rescue work. The focus is on a 63-year-old and a 59-year-old, who are being investigated for lack of assistance or disability of people who provide assistance.

Rescuers had to improvise

According to fire department spokesman Rolf Erbe, the so-called rescue vehicle, which can be used to lift heavy loads, for example, was stuck in a traffic jam for a “quite relevant” time, which delayed the rescue. In the end, rescuers at the crash site would have to improvise.

On Monday, a spokesperson for the Berlin police union said after the incident: “Now, at the latest, you must say goodbye to the fairy tale of harmless protest. more time to get help.”

The so-called “last generation” announced that they would “keep up the pressure, keep increasing the pressure, keep resisting”. Jakob Beyer, spokesman for the movement, added in “Deutschlandfunk”: “We want to protect the lives of all people in all our actions” and “We definitely don’t want to deny responsibility.”

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