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Climate: “The melting of the glaciers breaks all records” World

The glaciers of the world are melting at a dramatic rate in 2022 and their protection is actually hopeless: reports theU.N., while several indicators of climate change have reached record highs. “The game is already lost for the glaciers because the CO2 concentration is already too high,” he said Petteri Taalas, head of the World Meteorological Organization, which produced the annual State of the Climate Report. According to the WMO, “Antarctic sea ice has reached its lowest level on record and melting of some European glaciers has literally broken records”.

The global mean temperature in 2022 was 1.15 degrees above the 1850–1900 average, and the years 2015–2022 were the eight warmest years since instrumental records began in 1850.
In addition, melting glaciers and sea level rise, which will hit new record highs in 2022, will continue for thousands of years. This is from the current annual report of theWorld Meteorological Organization (WMO)published today in Geneva the eve Earth Day 2023.

Climate The melting of the glaciers breaks all records World

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Appointments from April 21st to 25th. In the afternoon the round table The anniversary 2025 in view. Live from 4 p.m

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It is celebrated on April 22nd. Numerous initiatives worldwide. From Protecting Coral Reefs to Avoiding Food Waste (ANSA)



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