Cloakroom gate to Big Brother 2023: Rosy Chin disqualified?/ “The rules were broken”: what happened

Rosy Chin in the Internet's crosshairs: New wardrobe door to Big Brother

Do you remember as Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser You locked yourself in the closet in Big Brother VIP's bedroom and unleashed the net? For weeks we wondered what had happened, to the point that the episode is still remembered today as “Wardrobe Gate.” Something similar happened in the last few hours in the Casa del Big Brother 2023. It was the one who ended up in the crosshairs of the network Rosy chin“guilty” of hiding in the closet to talk to Giuseppe Garibaldi without being seen or heard.

Anyone who has been following Big Brother for years knows that bypassing the microphones is absolutely against the rules and punishable by production. Reason that Rosy, who supposedly came up with the idea, would face disciplinary proceedings.

Rosy Chin in the closet with Giuseppe Garibaldi to secretly talk about Beatrice Luzzi?

However, those who watched the scene before using the dressing room pointed out that Rosy and Giuseppe had been behaving strangely since earlier. The two Gieffini actually started it speak in code precisely so as not to be understood. Apparently the topic of their mysterious chat would still be clear: Beatrice Luzzi and her return to the House of Representatives after the heavy loss that hit her.

Rosy and Garibaldi continued to talk in the closet, followed by Marco Maddaloni, who had now joined them in the bedroom. Seeing this attitude from Rosy, many spectators began to argue and even demanded action for Rosy, some even disqualified her from the game.