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Club illico: The author of “District 31” is writing a series about the 2nd trial of Hells Angels Maurice “Mom” Boucher

The star of the police series, Luc Dionne, confirmed on Tuesday the information released the day before by the QMI Agency that he is working on the second high-profile trial against Maurice “Mom” Boucher, the former head of the Hells Angels in Quebec. with the aim of making a series for Club illico.

Our information was in the condition, Monday, but the prolific screenwriter – think Aurore, Blue Moon, Bunker, the Circus, District 31, The Last Chapter, Monica the Scrap, Omertà, Ruptures and Tag – is actually working on a new fiction in six episodes for the Videotron platform.

Luc Dionne

Photo agency QMI

According to Luc Dionne, in this work, which focuses on the events between his first trial in 1998 and the second in 2002, no actor will play the role of Mother Boucher, an important protagonist of the biker war. Boucher was initially found not guilty of the murder of two correctional officers, Diane Lavigne and Pierre Rondeau, but four years later he was found guilty by a different jury.

“Everything is possible at the moment.” [sa] Head” and he structures the story. No dialogue has been recorded on his computer yet.

“I had no interest in taking action against Mom Boucher. I've always said no and it's not his perspective that interests me. The only thing interesting about this story is what happened between the first and second trials from the perspective of the police and prosecutors. How someone who is found not guilty is found guilty four years later,” the 63-year-old screenwriter explained.

Luc Dionne knows this environment and the main actors of the time well, so we will witness a comprehensive investigation from the inside with all the important twists that have occurred.

“I know investigators who are involved, like Guy Ouellette, my great friend and advisor,” he added.

In this new work, we follow a squad as they work to collect evidence and investigate this case in preparation for the second trial. “There are things we know, but there are also many things we don’t know. I know this story by heart and there are other very important characters in it, like the informer Stéphane Gagné.”

Collaboration with Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau

Once again Luc Dionne collaborates with Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau, producers at the helm of Aetios Productions. The trio is behind the success of District 31, to name just this collaboration between them. Luc Dionne has won the Gémeaux four times for best text: annual drama series for the police daily of ICI Télé.

Luc Dionne

Author Luc Dionne and producers Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau on the set of “District 31”, on the daily's very last day of filming, Friday, March 25, 2022. ARCHIVE PHOTO BY ERIC MYRE, PROVIDED BY RADIO-CANADA

Luc Dionne took a year-long break after District 31. “I may have been more tired after District than I thought.”

For several months now he has been writing another series for Radio-Canada, an annual one called DPCP. It was originally scheduled to air in September 2023, but the author asked for a postponement – he speaks of a “luxury” of “having time to think” – which was happily granted. DPCP is scheduled to be filmed in 2024, just like the fiction of the second trial of Maurice “Mom” Boucher.