CNE confirms that presidential elections will take place in Venezuela

CNE confirms that presidential elections will take place in Venezuela on Sunday, July 28th


March 05, 2024 | 3:31 p.m

The National Electoral Council, through its President Elvis Amoroso, has announced the exact day for the presidential elections in Venezuela.

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In an official statement, the President of the National Electoral Council, Elvis Amoroso, reported that Venezuela will hold presidential elections this Sunday, July 28th. Coincidentally, this day coincides with the birthday of the late former President Hugo Chávez, the highest figure of the current regime, which continues to this day under his successor Nicolás Maduro at the helm.

CNE: national and international voter registration data

Another news that Elvis Amoroso announced was the date for registration of citizens in the electoral service, which will be valid from March 18 to April 16.

CNE confirms date of 2024 presidential elections in Venezuela |  Nicolas Maduro |  Maria Corina Machado |  Caracas Agreement |  National Assembly

Elvis Amoroso is the current president of the CNE of Venezuela. Photo: AFP

What were the other announcements from the CNE?

In addition to the presidential election date and voter registration day, the President of the CNE reported the following activities related to the electoral process:

  • Call for Electoral Process – March 5th
  • Interim Voter Registration Cut – April 16th
  • Presentation of the application – from March 21st to 25th
  • Selection of members of subordinate organizations – March 20
  • Election campaign – July 4th to 25th

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