Coaticook Several shows from the Pavillon des Arts et de

Coaticook: Several shows from the Pavillon des Arts et de la Culture must be presented in another room – Le Progrès de Coaticook

CULTURE. The management of the Coaticook Arts and Culture Pavilion has confirmed that the vast majority of shows planned for March will have to be presented elsewhere as work is not yet completed.

We already know that Alexandre Poulin (March 1) will instead take the note to the public square of La Frontalière secondary school. Somewhat more “intimate” events take place in the chapel, such as the most beautiful film music in the trio (March 3rd), Scott-Pien Picard (March 7th) and Sur les chemins d'Anne Sylvestre (March 8th). of the College Rivier. The same strategy will be used for the other shows in March.

“We had really prepared in advance, knowing that there could be delays in the work,” says the general director of the Pavillon des arts et de la culture de Coaticook, Daphnée Lebrun. We have had exceptional collaboration with cultural organizations and other places. It was extraordinary working with them. We can therefore present our entire program and not postpone anything. We're keeping our fingers crossed that we'll be able to welcome people to the pavilion at the end of March or beginning of April. »

People who have purchased tickets for the affected performances will of course be informed by email or telephone message. On the evening of each show, a poster will also be placed in the pavilion to direct visitors to the designated location.

As far as the work on the old church, which now houses an event hall, is progressing well, according to Ms. Lebrun. “We have completed the renovation and demolition work,” she said. We can therefore no longer experience any surprises that would stop us. All that remains is the finishing work, installing the heating and laying the floors, which should take place on February 5th. »

When it is open, ticket holders will be able to enter the room from the sides, similar to the side of the Centennial Theater at Bishop's University. A new mezzanine was also created for the control room, which expands the room layout to include seating.

Ticket sales are also going well. “We are impressed. There are already sold out shows. Several of our concert cafés, which normally have lower attendance, are finding takers. We can therefore say that people were bored,” concludes the general director of the Coaticook Arts and Culture Pavilion.