Coffee and pastries a new service offering for two Quebec

Coffee and pastries: a new service offering for two Quebec flagships

Two Quebec companies, including one led by Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, are joining forces to provide an enriching experience for their customers.

Coffee and pastries will therefore be available in the seven branches of the Café Saint-Henri Micro-Torréfacteur and the three bakeries Le Pain dans les Voiles.

“Faced with the pandemic and the resulting labor shortages, we were looking for a trusted partner to entrust with the grocery program for our stores,” said Sebastien Grenache, owner of Café Saint-Henri Micro-Torréfacteur. In addition to offering products of the highest quality, we know that Le Pain dans les Voiles works with the utmost respect for the producers, from farm to fork, just as we do with our partners at source. That’s why this connection was a matter of course for us.”

Both companies were founded about a decade ago and quickly gained popularity. Both have made a name for themselves throughout the province and even across the country. In 2021, Laurent Duvernay Tardif took over the management of Le Pain dans les Voiles, the family business built by his parents.

“With us nothing is left to chance in order to offer quality products, made according to our values ​​and the know-how of the artisans behind each of these products. That’s why we look for collaborations with partners who share the same values ​​as us and that’s exactly what we found with Saint-Henri Micro-Torréfacteur,” added the man who is also a doctor and footballer.

This long-term partnership will allow the two companies to further develop their brand. Thanks to this association, Le Pain dans les voiles consolidates its presence on the island of Montreal, while Café Saint-Henri Micro-Torréfacteur adds a presence on the south coast.