1667464825 Come on who is in the hospital

“Come on!”, who is in the hospital

Come on who is in the hospital

Francesco Fredella November 03, 2022

The father of Belen Rodriguez in the hospital. To the gustav, that everyone knows thanks to social media, a difficult moment that we hope will end as soon as possible. The showgirl engaged to Le iene on TV says: “Come on! You are getting better”. But what happened to Belen’s father? He was first hospitalized for a last June colon surgery. Now he’s back in the hospital. Veronica CozzaniWith an Instagram post, she says: “Halloween in the hospital! Get well soon, Gus soon!”.

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Belen enjoying a good professional and sentimental moment thanks to him Stefano de MartinoHe praises his father. And he says, “My father, a strength. Man of great dignity, you will recover soon.” Meanwhile, the Rodriguez family will be arriving soon Cecilia’s weddingwho received the marriage proposal Ignacio Moser. We remember that the two met in the Big Brother house. There, in front of the camera, they fell in love. There they discovered a new love. There they began a story that ended in the limelight.

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But for Belen, as mentioned, there are many satisfactions. Work, life and love: Your marriage to Stefano De Martino is going well. After difficult and turbulent moments, the two are more united than ever. Fans now passionately follow the couple between gags and holidays. Rodriguez now has to solve the only problem related to a small health problem of her father Gustavo. Then he can smile again. As always.