Comizzo39s sarcastic reaction after hearing that the U was preparing

Comizzo's sarcastic reaction after hearing that the “U” was preparing for the Libertadores

Comizzo39s sarcastic reaction after hearing that the U was preparing

University of Sports They defeated Atlético Grau 1-0 on the second day of the Liga 1 Betsson 2024 Apertura tournament. The team from Piura played a good game, but it wasn't enough to save a draw against the Creams. Then the coach of the Albos, Angel Comizzogave a press conference in which he reacted controversially after footballer Rafael Guarderas pointed out that Ate's team had prepared well to take part in the Copa Libertadores.

“You leave with the feeling that when you have played a game like that against the current champions and a team that has been preparing to take part in the Copa Libertadores, I think that you are doing things well,” the midfielder explained to the North team. Later, the Argentine strategist smiled sarcastically.

Comizzo sharply criticized the referee's behavior against Universitario

On the other hand, Angel Comizzo He was upset with referee Edwin Ordóñez for his decisions in the duel between Atlético Grau and Universitario de Deportes at the Monumental Stadium.

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“To tell you it is difficult to play with this type of referee. Ordóñez is not the first time he screwed me up (…) If you remember, when he was training Municipal, he scored a three-meter offside goal against me,” he said.

However, the Argentine coach was happy with the performance of the Piuran team. “If we can talk about football, today we could see a team that completely dominates the game, that has very well-developed movements and a playing identity. I'm proud of the players, but not of the result because it was a…”defendable ball,” he said.

When is the next Universitario game?

The next day, University of Sports will face Alianza Lima on the third date of the Liga 1 Betsson 2024 Apertura tournament. This duel is scheduled for Saturday, February 10th at 8:00 p.m. at the National Stadium in Lima.

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Both teams come to this Peruvian football classic with a good series. The two teams have won their first games and have six points in the table.

Ureña will miss the classic between Universitario and Alianza

For the duel against Alianza Lima, University of Sports will not be able to calculate Rodrigo Urenawho was sent off against Atlético Grau for elbowing Mauro da Luz.

The penalty for the Chilean midfielder could be much higher as, after seeing the red card, he made a controversial gesture with his hands to clearly disagree with the referee's decision.

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University reinforcements for 2024

University of Sports has signed six footballers for the 2024 season. Among them, Uruguayan goalkeeper Sebastián Britos, midfielder Christofer Gonzáles and Ecuadorian winger Segundo Portocarrero stand out.

  • Fabian Bustos (DT)
  • Christopher Olivares
  • Diego Dorregaray
  • Sebastian Britos
  • Jairo Concha
  • Christopher Gonzales
  • Second Portocarrero.