Concerns in Italy Attacks on diplomatic headquarters in Spain and

Concerns in Italy Attacks on diplomatic headquarters in Spain and Germany

Rome, January 28 (Prensa Latina) Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani today expressed his government’s concern following recent actions against that country’s diplomatic headquarters in the Spanish city of Barcelona and in the German capital of Berlin.

A statement by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, published this Saturday by the newspapers La Stampa and La Repubblica, indicates that the minister, after learning about these events that happened last night, contacted both foreign offices to ask for solidarity to express and demand immediate clarification attacks.

The building of Italy’s consulate general in Barcelona, ​​​​​​the capital of northeastern Spanish autonomous province of Catalonia, was attacked by people who smashed windows and stain a wall of the building, with no other known damage so far.

On the other hand, in the German capital, unknown persons set fire to the car of a diplomatic official from the Italian embassy in that country.

The minister ordered the investigation to start immediately, as well as the reinforcement of the diplomatic headquarters and the protection of their personnel, the official statement said, adding that “the local police are carrying out the necessary scientific and investigative procedures”.

The document clarifies that “fortunately no injuries were reported in either case.”

These attacks come almost two months after the attack carried out in Athens, the capital of Greece, in early December last year on the residence of Susanna Schlein, adviser to the Italian diplomatic mission in that country, where one of her vehicles was set on fire.

This attack was claimed by Greek anarchists, who in their proclamation indicated that this attack was carried out in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito, one of the international leaders of this movement, who is imprisoned in Italy.