Confidence between Antonella Fiordelisi and Davide Donadei Big Brother VIP

Confidence between Antonella Fiordelisi and Davide Donadei Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

The exclusive is about to start GFVIP radio and the two groups of speakers who will entertain the house with their topics and their chats are already ready.

The two captains are Onestini and Anthonywhich they each chose as companions Oriana, Edward and Nicole the one, Milena, Andrew and Tavassi the other.

Antonella and Davidupset by Antonino’s decision, they go to the garden to blow off steam.

While he’s determined to run on the treadmill, the boy admits he was disappointed: he thought he was one of the hairdresser’s favourites. The girlfriend agrees, the fact that Antonino didn’t call Davide upset her.

However, she was aware that she was not returning to training due to the hatred between Antonino and Edoardo. She doesn’t mind not participating in the activity, but doesn’t appreciate the attitude of some people who enjoyed seeing her left out. Oriana in particular seemed happy to have landed directly in the group with her boyfriend.

Antonella takes the opportunity to talk about their relationship. Constant arguments hurt her feelings. He cannot be indifferent to Oriana’s malice, which does nothing but provoke her.

Even Edoardo sometimes disappoints her and wonders what her life outside might be like. “We have very different friends here,” he says. Due to the well-known saying “Tell me who you’re going with and I’ll tell you who you are”, the influencer wonders if Edoardo is really the right one for her.

“I’ll give anything for an engagement, for a friendship,” the girl continues. He reflects: In order to keep the balance he has achieved, he must detach himself from Edoardo and observe him. Often the friend does not understand the seriousness of what he is doing or saying and this makes them strange.

According to Davide, Antonella is right to point out to the boy what doesn’t suit her. Pretending everything is perfect is not fruitful for the couple.

“I find more comfort in you and Nikita,” Antonella confirms with a little bitterness. The support of friends is fundamental to her and she feels them even closer than her boyfriend who has not been by her side on several occasions and has not supported her.

Davide comforts her: “You are walking one of the truest and cleanest paths,” he says and admires her for her sincerity. He advises her to ignore Oriana, who is an excellent provocateur. After all, the Venezuelan loves to gamble and the most effective way to silence her is to ignore what she says.

“You choose the friend,” Davide continues. If she doesn’t like something, she has to point it out without caring about the judgment of others. In any case, the boy is sure that Edoardo is good and takes great care of her. However, given the context they live in, it also makes sense to play strategy and try to be friends with everyone.

Antonella concludes: she has given up her friendship with Antonino, but he doesn’t want to limit himself to Oriana and doesn’t understand why.

Whether for strategy, friendship or to annoy her, little changes: the influencer demands respect and hopes that Edoardo will improve soon.