Conflict at the Laval City Court An absolutely regrettable

Conflict at the Laval City Court | “An absolutely regrettable situation,” says the mayor

The possibility that a conflict between lawyers at the Laval Municipal Court could be linked to the detention of a homeless man accused of theft in Dollarama is “absolutely regrettable,” lamented Mayor Stéphane Boyer on Monday.

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La Presse announced on the same day that the man in question, who speaks neither English nor French, would be an additional victim of the legal aid lawyers' decision to withdraw from this courthouse.

“I find the situation absolutely regrettable. I believe that citizens have the right to expect a functioning and well-functioning justice system,” he said on the sidelines of a press conference. “We want a solution as quickly as possible. »

Last December, a long-running conflict between Laval Municipal Court prosecutors and their legal aid colleagues reached a climax when the latter withdrew from all cases. This was in response to Laval's decision to appoint two lawyers for each file and to formalize all discussions with the opposing party. The city argues that “conflicts between people” forced them to take this action.

Bottom line: No attorney represented the man at his Feb. 20 appearance on two counts of theft in Dollarama ($5 and $54) and for failing to appear on his first summons. He has now been jailed for ten days, a longer sentence than many other sentences handed out for similar offenses.

“We understand that there are certain interpersonal issues that go back a long time and that we need to resolve,” continued Mayor Boyer, who said he was “optimistic” about finding a solution. “We try to create a good and peaceful working atmosphere. »

With Caroline Touzin, La Presse