Continuous discrediting wins between division and pluralism

Continuous discrediting wins between division and pluralism

The division was explained to the people. In Rai, subdivision is an ancient practice, one could say since its inception. In a complex democracy like ours, there can also be ideal reasons for compartmentalizing practices, but these often degenerate into disastrous behavior (for the democracy and for Rai himself).

The most recent case is that of Marcello Foa, who invited a doctor on the radio show “Giù la mask”, author of anti-vaxxers and suspended from the Turin Medical Association during the pandemic (science knows demonstrations, not opinions).

The problem is not the doctor, but Marcello Foa, former president of the RAI in the league. Even then, in 2018, a serious problem arose: can someone who passed on news that turned out to be fake without verifying it as real news take on this task? These are not isolated cases, Marcello Foa has repeatedly published real fake news, often without correcting himself (see Il Foglio, July 31, 2018). No regrets from the Conte I government: Marcello Foa was elected president and it was one of the most colorless presidencies in the history of Rai.

Now let’s reconstruct the division chain. Lega is on Rai Radio1, directed by Francesco Pionati, former DC, now Lega. First measures: Pionati shortens the time for the channel’s number one, Giorgio Zanchini (let’s hope he doesn’t attack Giancarlo Loquenzi, that would be the end) to make room for the terrible Roberto Poletti, brutally deletes “Forrest” and in “Giù la mask” (a title that says it all) takes its place.

It was inevitable that Marcello Foa, who continues to describe himself as a student of Montanelli, would prove unsuitable to host a Rai program. The story would have rightly irritated CEO Roberto Sergio, someone who knows the job well and still has some fondness for the idea of ​​public service. Without any moral itch, we can only point out that the practice of division carried out with such rudeness is the cause of infinite deficiencies, duplication of effort, lack of confidence and loss of capabilities. It was supposed to be the Italian path to pluralism, but it has become a form of constant discrediting.