Copa Libertadores Historic victory for Alianza Lima after 11 years

Copa Libertadores: Historic victory for Alianza Lima after 11 years

He Defenders of the Chaco witnessed the day Alianza took off Lima’s “heavy backpack” he carried around for 30 games. The Familiars celebrate a well-deserved and overwhelming victory to let out a cry for freedom – oddly enough the same name as their rival on duty – to take their good moment to the international stage and break the losing streak that was chasing them.

Aldair Rodríguez, the criticized striker who didn’t mind adjusting to a ‘new’ position to join the team and Paul Sabbag, the goalie, were the owners of the scream of La Victoria. Like 20 years ago – against Olimpia – Alianza celebrates in Paraguay with the presence of ‘Chicho’ roomsthen as a player and now as a coach.

The board did their job earlier this year, forming a side with experience of weight, one of those whose shirts can’t and shouldn’t weigh in games like this. The rest went to the technical command led by Salas. A short-lived national coach, but dedicated, and whose team dies with him and for him. Exactly this connection was noticed in the field.

Freedom pressed at home, intimately cornered in the first half. The blue and white defense and Campos were active against the Paraguayan attack which – luckily for the Peruvians – wasn’t good in the final touch. True, Alianza had spaces at the moment, but without many ideas.

Aldair Rodríguez started the season in a supporting role as a substitute. Just a week ago he had to play at right-back in Liga 1 in the absence of Gino Peruzzi and Edinson Chávez. In view of FreedomSurprisingly, he started as a starter. Minute 46 and the price came at his urging.

Inspired.  Aldair Rodríguez led the way to victory.  Photo: AFP

Inspired. Aldair Rodríguez led the way to victory. Photo: AFP

Everything was born from the feet Andres Andrade, the clearest player the confidants have had in recent weeks. The ‘Rifle’ executed a self-generated free-kick with precision and found Aldair heading into the penalty area. The 28-year-old attacker controlled with his chest and defined at will against Martín Silva.

The goal was just the panache the goalscorer needs, the blue and white goal card, to let his torn nose run wild. Sabbag received the ball from Rodríguez and the “Sheikh” stroked it with the inside edge of his foot to place it in an unassailable spot for the goalkeeper, who, despite stretching, didn’t reach it. intimate goal.

Through the twelve steps, the local destination came in discount minutes. Cardozo (94th) set up the 2-1 final score. Alianza celebrates, the curse is broken, Alianza wins the Copa Libertadores again after 11 years. A new blue and white era begins.