Country singer Joao Carreiro dies after heart surgery

Country singer João Carreiro dies after heart surgery

João Carreiro, country singer

João Carreiro, country singer

Photo: @instagram

The country singer Joao Carreiro, 41 years old, died on the night of Wednesday 3rd as a result of an operation to add a heart valve. He was admitted to a medical unit in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul. The information was confirmed by the artist's manager.

“I talked to him yesterday, he was smiling, confident and calm, but unfortunately he couldn't handle it,” said Diego Diniz, who looked after the singer's career.

He used humor to show details of his routine on social media, where he had 895,000 followers. Before the procedure, for example, he made a video that was played in the preoperative room. In the pictures, he casually talks to his wife Francine Caroline and plays with the clothes he will wear during the operation.

“If I 'pack it up,' I don't care about this little outfit here. It doesn't really suit me. It’s made of flowers,” he said between laughs in a joking tone. The singer then explains that he won't be on stage for a while because he'll be undergoing heart surgery in a few minutes.

During the operation, Francine Caroline remarked that the procedure seemed to go well.

João Carreiro, country singer

Photo: @instagram

“His heart is already working on its own with the new heart valve,” she said on her Instagram profile around 5 p.m., but two hours later, around 7 p.m., she asked for prayers. “Pray for his life for God’s sake.”

When he found out about the death, the former stage partner complained online. “No one but us will know what we experienced.”

Who was Joao Carreiro??

Born in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, João Carreiro rose to prominence in the 2000s when he formed a duo with his former partner Capataz. He left the duo in 2014 and decided on a solo career after hits such as Bruto, Rústico e Sistmático and Xique Bacanizado. Carreiro recently released two songs alone, including Meu Avô and Bagulho é Louco Mano. The country singer's last show took place at the turn of the year 2024 in the municipality of Pedra Preta in his state of origin.

Source: Redação Terra