Couple of the moment: Isis and Buaiz are spotted at a trendy restaurant in RJ Splash

Isis Valverde, 36, was photographed with businessman Marcus Buaiz, ​​​​43, on Saturday night (13) leaving a trendy restaurant in Leblon, in Rio de Janeiro.

They started dating a few months ago, in March of this year, and live in the United States. The couple returned to Brazil last week.


Marcus sympathetically smiled at the camera that caught him in the city of Rio de Janeiro. He was in a relationship with Wanessa Camargo, with whom he had two children, João Francisco and José Marcus.

Isis recently opened up to Splash about how she handles comments about her new partner on social media. The actress reiterated that she has no control over the structure of the dating.

“It’s up to you, how you do it. Do you do it well and calmly or do you freak out, you know? I think I started very early and knew how to deal with it. So I don’t think it’s quiet,” he said;