Court hastened to pass settlement in iPhone 6 and 7

Court hastened to pass settlement in iPhone 6 and 7 lawsuit

(Vancouver) The lawyer for a group of Apple iPhone users whose devices allegedly became slower after software updates says consumers will receive between $17.50 and $150 as part of a class action lawsuit in Canada.

Posted at 4:58 p.m.


The lawyer leading the lawsuit, Michael Peerless, told a British Columbia Supreme Court judge in Vancouver that the amounts paid depend on the number of valid claims from people who can prove they own phones, including several iPhone 6s – and 7 models.

He argued before Judge Sharon Matthews that similar litigation in the United States provided a “valuable roadmap” to settlement negotiations that could result in Apple paying a maximum of around 14.4 million Canadian class members.

Even in court, Mr. Peerless mentioned that the lawsuit process would be very “simple.” People who have purchased devices with slow speeds and battery problems can file their complaint online or on paper.

Apple's lawyer Jill Yates said in court that the company had never admitted any wrongdoing.

The judge reserved her decision to approve the settlement until February 21, 2024.