Courts accept appeals against Javier Milei39s megadecree Portal iG

Courts accept appeals against Javier Milei's megadecree Portal iG

Javier Milei is sworn in as President of Argentina Photo: Reproduction/Televisión Pública December 10, 2023

Javier Milei is sworn in as President of Argentina


Two Argentine courts accepted this Tuesday (2) two constitutional complaints against the megadecree of the ultraliberal government of Javier Milei on economic deregulation and privatizations.

A labor court accepted the Central Trade Union's (Cgt) challenge to the provisions aimed at deregulating contracts, and a federal court accepted a general unconstitutionality complaint from a city employee.

Both presentations were forwarded to Federal Judge Esteban Furnari, to whom all the appeals (there are already around a dozen) will be forwarded, with the aim of “creating the basis to give a single and adequate response to the appeals brought in different jurisdictions were submitted”. .

The constitutionality of the decree with more than 300 articles presented by Milei before Christmas and which came into force on December 29 will also be examined by the Supreme Court, but only after the return of the summer holidays in February.

In the meantime, all legal acts carried out during the period of validity of the decree remain valid, even in the event of a future finding of unconstitutionality.

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