COVID 19 The situation has been improving for a few weeks

COVID-19: The situation has been improving for a few weeks

COVID continues to circulate in Quebec, but the situation has changed, according to Dright Luca Boileau.

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Three weeks after his last report, the national director of public health gave an update on the development of the virus in the province on Thursday afternoon.

dr Boileau was assisted by medical microbiologist and clinical expert in support of the scientific management of the MSSS pandemic, Dr. Jean Longtin, accompanied.

“The situation has developed quite positively, but there are other viruses circulating, other respiratory diseases,” explained Dr. boileau.

Health officials are again encouraging people to go to vaccination centers if their last dose is more than five or six months old.

In a new approach, Dr. Boileau also urged anyone with symptoms related to a respiratory illness to stay home.

When the person is able to resume activities, public health insists on wearing the mask for several days to protect others.

Public health does not consider these recommendations to be very binding.

More details to come…