Covid and lab virus escape US relaunches hypotheses

Covid and lab virus escape, US relaunches hypotheses

The US Department of Energy has concluded that the Covid pandemic was most likely caused by a laboratory leak. That comes from a classified intelligence report recently presented to the White House and key members of Congress, the Wall Street Journal revealed today.

We don’t have a “definitive answer” on the possibility that the Covid epidemic was caused by a lab leak, says National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, interviewed by CNN on the WSJ Sphere. “What I can tell you is that President Biden has repeatedly ordered every element of the intelligence community to allocate every effort and resource to get to the bottom of this matter,” Sullivan said.

For months, hypotheses about the origin of the pandemic have put the Chinese city of Wuhan in the spotlight. In July last year, 2 studies were published in the journal Science, showing that live animals sold in the Wuhan market caused Covid 19. The analysis, coordinated by Professor Michael Worobey – director of the Department of Ecology and Biology at the University of Arizona – involved experts from different nationalities and produced texts that effectively rule out any alternative hypothesis for the origin of the pandemic. According to the authors, animal-to-human transmission of the virus occurred in two separate events at Huanan Market — in Wuhan — in late 2019.

On the other hand, as early as the summer of 2021, American intelligence services began to fathom a gigantic “catalog of genetic information” that, once decoded, could have shed light on the origin of the coronavirus. The intelligence activities from about a year and a half ago were documented by CNN: According to the broadcaster, among the data were the genetic models obtained from the samples of the virus examined in the Wuhan laboratory, which many considered to be a possible starting point of the pandemic .