Cowboys DC Dan Quinn Clarifies Micah Parsons’ Role: “He’s a Pass-Rushing Linebacker” –

In early May, Parsons opened up about using the offseason to his advantage to gain some weight and prepare for a full-time pass rusher role.

At 23, the young linebacker’s weight is currently listed as 245 pounds, albeit in one tweet As of May 3, Parsons stated that he weighs 252. He also said he doesn’t try to “pass 255” at all during his professional career.

While Parsons is now spending time strengthening himself, it seems like he won’t be changing his current role after Quinn clarified who decides what position he will fill.

“If you ever need position changes, come see me,” Quinn said while joking with reporters. “Not by any of the guys and we can expect that. I think what he probably meant to say is, ‘I really make a point of doing some pass rush in my offseason.'”

Parsons, who was picked No. 12 overall in the 2021 NFL draft, had an impressive rookie year with 13 sacks and 84 tackles. He also won NFL AP Defensive Rookie of the Year honors, was named a first-team All-Pro, and was selected to the Pro Bowl. Parsons didn’t miss a game during his 2022 season, recording 13.5 sacks and 65 tackles.

Regardless of where Parsons ranks, his performance in his first two seasons and his desire to improve mean he will continue to ramp up the Cowboys’ passing rush.